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CVMA InLine program offers resources for veterinarians and their staff. You’ll find information on legal issues, practice safety and regulatory compliance as it pertains to your practice. Explore our resources.

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Below is a list of resources we’ve put together to help you manage your veterinary practice, and for your staff.

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  Legal Issues

Legal FAQs

I received a letter from the Veterinary Medical Board (VMB) advising me that is is investigating a consumer complaint about…

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  Practice Safety

Lesson Learned - Safe Handling of Large Patients

Ideally, no injuries would ever happen at the workplace. However, most professions involve some exposure to work related injuries and…

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  Regulatory Compliance

Veterinary Students in Private Practices: What They May Do

Veterinary students often spend time in private veterinary practices as part of a distributive formal curriculum, through employment, or by…

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